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Briar Patch Outdoors


George Hedgepeth, Head Instructor
We are a new school located in the lower peninsula of Michigan devoted to teaching wilderness survival and living skills. We offer week-long as well as one day and weekend programs on a variety of outdoor living and primitive skills. Our motto is "At home with adversity", and we are prepared to make this true for you. We believe that a prepared individual who knows how to be aware can be much more comfortable in a bush situation than one who feels the wilderness is a foe to battle. Knowledge and awareness are the most lightweight survival gear one can have, as well as the most versatile and dependable. Be sure to check out our ever-growing index of informative articles on the site!

There are other survival training programs available in the US and other countries that offer a variety of experiences and points of view. We do have our particular approach, and it may suit you. We do not promote any particular philosophy or political agenda. We do not claim to have answers for anything other than the courses we teach. We believe the scientific method is a good, reliable tool for understanding the world. We believe the experiences of aboriginal peoples of the past and present have much to teach us. We also believe that our students are worthy of our respect. Our students have a right to expect a good value for their money, and we will work hard to provide a worthwhile experience.

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Briar Patch Outdoors
219 Holmes Street
Durand MI 48429
(989) 288-0168

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