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Briar Patch Outdoors

Maine Coastal Survival and Foraging Trip (Part 1)

by George Hedgepeth

July of 2003 saw a group of eight diverse people travel to Maine to train their skills in wilderness survival and foraging in a northern saltwater environment. These people came from as far as Alaska, Arizona, and Alabama to learn about the rich environment of a coastal island complete with spruce forest and tide pools full of life. Of course, we all learned much about each other as well.

The participants assembled near Bangor, Maine and were then taken by a working fishing boat to the small private island that would be our base of operations for the following week. This entire area of the coast is absolutely lovely. Green conifer forests come down to the edge of the granite boulder shore, which is lapped by rather dramatic tides - up to nine feet fluctuations in this area! The seawater itself is very clear, allowing one to see features on the bottom many feet below.


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