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Briar Patch Outdoors

Nessmuk Knife Review - Page 1

by Rob Schwiesow

I recently attended the Basic Survival Course with George Hedgepeth of Briar Patch Outdoors. During the course, I had the opportunity to put my Nessmuk pattern through the paces. First, some details about the knife. This is a custom knife from Dan Koster, and is a more modern interpretation of the Nessmuk design.

The major characteristics of the original, such as the hump in the spine, are present. Koster, however, has dropped the edge down below the handle more than the original, whose edge was in-line with the handle. This turns the knife into a profile that resembles a cleaver. The knife tends to handle like a cleaver as well, for example, the raised handle protects your fingers while chopping. The knife is 10 inches overall, with a 5 inch blade. The blade is .25 inches thick at the spine, and has a nearly full height flat grind that comes down to a nicely narrow edge. This is another change from the original Nessmuk knife, which was a very thin blade. Kosterís Nessmuk cuts like a thin blade, however, due to the flat grind.

The steel used in this knife is Crucibles 3V carbon steel. This steel is notoriously hard, maintains a great edge, is very resistant to chipping/rolling, and is very stain resistant for carbon steel. Due to the hardness of the steel, it is more difficult to work with, and thus is not readily found in production knives. Knowing that this would be a thick blade with an obtuse point, I had Koster grind a striker tip on it, which is a bevel on each side of the spine to make a more acute tip.


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