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Briar Patch Outdoors

Links to Related Sites

  • Nature Learning Community - Classes, workshops and family camps in southeastern Michigan for children and adults that introduce outdoors skills, foster nature awareness, and create space for free play in nature.
  • Wilderness Learning Center - Full-time, year-round school dedicated to teaching wilderness survival skills.
  • Hoods Woods - - Lots of information and a forum that gets a lot of traffic. Good quality DVD's are available here.
  • PaleoPlanet - This is a very good forum specializing in primitive skills subjects.
  • American Bushman - The author of this blog has taken classes with us, and is a great guy! He has an interesting perspective in growing as a woodsman in the suburbs of Chicago.
  • JRE Industries - These guys do great sheath work and deal in high quality outdoors knives and firesteels.
  • Ben's Backwoods - This is a very good source for lots of gear and information for the traditional woodsman.
  • - This is a fantastic resource for campers! Tons of outdoors products and outstanding service.
  • Hedgehog Leatherworks - Check out "The Campfire" link for excellent demonstration articles and more.
  • The Mustard Seed - This is a fantastic store for herbs, natural products, and alternative health information and services. A wide variety of classes are offered.
  • Wildwood Survival Forums - Active message board at
  • Michigan Atlatl Association - For aficionados of this ancient weapon.
  • Primitive Ways - A large collection of articles on Primitive Skills.
  • Shadow Speak, LLC - Founded in 2004, Shadow Speak, LLC offers the opportunity to explore the natural world from a different point of view.

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