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July 9-14, 2014 - Great Lakes Traditional Arts Gathering

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Briar Patch Outdoors

Primitive Skills Class

Day One

Hand Drill Fire  *  Cordage Review  *  Pottery making
Construct Bark Lean-to

Day Two

Sinew, Rawhide, and leather  *  Cannon Bone awl  *  Scapula needle
Awls  *  Hide Pouch  *  Primitive Fishing

Day Three

Stone Tools and Knapping * Core and Blade * Pressure Flaking
Fire Hardening * Hafting * Digging Sticks

Day Four

Throwing Sticks * Atlatl and dart * Sling * Staff Sling
Glues * Pitch * Lamps and torches

Day Five

Bark Baskets * Primitive Cooking * Spruce Root
Jerky Making * Pack Frames

Day Six

Pottery Firing * Plant Walk * Twining and finger weaving

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Briar Patch Outdoors
219 Holmes Street
Durand MI 48429
(989) 288-0168

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